Wine Country Tour

Beautifully located in what has been called the Tuscany of Uruguay, Terra Nostra is a mere 8 km from the vineyards of Bodegas Garzon.
This beautiful countryside offers one the look and feel of being in Italy with the charm of this precious area of Uruguay! There are many wine producing areas throughout Uruguay and discovering the vast array of our local Tannat is an adventure for any wine enthusiast.

This area north of Jose Ignacio, known as Garzón, has soil that belongs geologically to what is known as Crystalline Basement, which originated 2.5 billion years ago. As it altered and eroded through millions of years of geological processes, ballast, like the previous rock formations, gave shape to this fantastic thin and rocky soil, with excellent drainage and very rich in minerals which the vine roots absorb.

Spend a day enjoying the beauty and charm of the vineyards
Fields of Olives, grapes and Almonds grace the countryside
The cantina at Bodega Garzon
A view of the Tuscany of Uruguay

This endows the wine with mineral wealth, excellence, complexity and gracefulness. Garzón’s soil is a rather charming concept related to the terroir and very easy to explain: a clear, strong message for all premium wine lovers 

Local vineyard tours are Wed-Sun, twice per day, 2 hours in length starting at 10:30, 12:30 and 3pm.  Balloon Rides are also available and we are happy to arrange your special day at the vineyard. 

A great article from the New York Times about Uruguay and wine is here:

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