Tree of “Enlightenment”

Imagine the feeling of the Buddha as he sat under the Bodhi tree and discovered Enlightenment. Surrounded by the protection of Mother Nature and loved as one with all beings.

At Terra Nostra we are humbled and amazed that such a special tree exists. While her exact age is not fully known, most educated estimates place her somewhere between 300-400+ years old! This ancient and commanding Eucalyptus tree offers her heart for you to claim your Inner Buddha nature!

We are not sure when, however somewhere in her history, this majestic tree was most likely hit by lightening to open her heart! The result is a magnificent central opening that invites up to 3/4 people to comfortably sit and mediate in this pristine energy portal that will take you to other dimensions!

Rich with color and energy, walking into the heart of the tree is a mystical adventure!

This heart space is also tall enough should you wish to stand and receive an infusion of pure love from the center of the earth!

For them, the Tree of Enlightenment is a thriving community, safe and protected!

Enormous! She is over 50 feet in diameter and six stories tall! The pictures you see here simply are unable to fully convey the majestic presence of this gift from nature. Her branches are the home to 100’s of wild parrots and other local birds and one can lose hours simply communing with the “village” that is supported by her  presence.

Sit, commune, meditate! Breathe the wafting aroma of Eucalyptus and claim your peace!

The Tree of Enlightenment is yours to enjoy at any time while you are at Terra Nostra and we ask that you please honor this special site as a “quiet area”.

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