Temple of Oneness

"Come connect with your inner self"

Churches and temples are often located at power spots, areas where people feel a spiritual energy. The Temple of Oneness at Terra Nostra is a wonderful sacred space built over and with naturally occurring granite rocks. The portal of energy in the center of the Temple is viscerally felt and this small chapel is an ideal place for reflection, prayer and meditation. As you enter this very special structure you notice the immediate energy of the natural stone floor and removal of shoes is appreciated.

Authentic Artifacts

Originally built as a Catholic chapel, Sri & Kira have integrated authentic artifacts from all of the world’s prominent religions into this sacred space. Each wall offers various altars and objects from different faiths. These focal points are placed with respect for the teachings and provide the visitor with a moment to connect with the Spiritual truth that permeates all religions.

Temple of Oneness

True spirituality is without judgments or dogma. The divine has many faces and they are each beautiful. The Temple of Oneness is an honoring of the universal truth that we are all One heart!

An easy walk from the guest suites, the Temple of Oneness is a sacred gathering place for quiet connection, reflection, meditation and self-inquiry.

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