Stone Temple & Ceremonial Site

"Stone Temple Complex & Ceremonial Sites"

Ancient Stone Temple Complex

This rare discovery was covered by years of vegetation and unrecognized by the cattle ranchers who previously owned this land. A profoundly important power site overlooking the Jose Ignacio river this huge temple complex ceremonial site appears to have been a power spot for the ancients. Many Terra Nostra visitors report sighting UFOs hovering overhead while others experience deep spiritual communion with Angels, Ascended Masters and other benevolent beings. There is a profound sense of positive upliftment at this popular site.

Ceremonial Area

At the Stone Temple complex you will discover a circular ceremonial area with 12 pillars focusing crystalline light. There are large spaces for teaching, meditating, yoga, and personal discovery.

Ancient Wall

Nearby is the ancient wall, constructed by the ancestors, where deep connection and inner centering is reported by guests. Many report “losing hours” simply connecting with the messages and inspirations that come forward through being in its presence.

Ancient Stone Temple

The Ancient Stone Temple site also features two golden mean Pyramids. These energetically powerful pyramids were placed by Sri & Kira to assist anyone who is visiting to maximize their experience. One is located near the entrance to the priest and priestess attunement areas. The other is adjacent to the main “altar area” of the ceremonial circle of 12 pillars.

Other Areas

This large site has many other areas for you to discover and is easily accessed by a wide pathway. Once you arrive you will enjoy many places to sit, reflect and absorb the restorative energy.

Authentic Mayan Ceremonial Site

Having spent five years living and working with the reclusive Highland Maya priests at Lake Atitlan, Sri & Kira were trained into their timeless traditions. Unlike the ‘tourist shamans’ these elders slowly extended trust and sacred “secret” teachings to Sri & Kira. You can learn more about this in their book, 2013 Mayan Sunrise.

Wearing a 2000+ yr. old Jade artiface handed down through a family of Priests, this RARE photo as approved to be taken by the priest himself displays the presence of ancient wisdom.
Building a very special fire ceremony to consecrate the blessing of Sri & Kira as carriers of the Mayan cermony "secrets", this is the only photo of the Priest that trained Sri & Kira and worked with many of their students until his transition from earthly form in 2013.
Sri & Kira spent 5 years with the Highland Maya at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
This is the AUTHENTIC Site created by Sri/Kira and the High Priest of the Maya at Lake Atitlan.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

At Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Sri & Kira co-created a permanent ceremonial site with the head priest of the Kaqchikel Maya, and that site was consecrated into the “Book of Days”; the permanent record of the Maya. It was there in 2011 that Sri & Kira were initiated by this senior elder and asked to make available ceremonies for the upliftment of humanity.


The elders recognized the unifying work of Self-Ascension was part of the prophecy of the time of Unification, brought forward for all of humanity at the end of the Mayan calendar. Sri & Kira were entrusted to carry the Authentic Mayan tradition and spiritual truth as part of the reunion of the Eagle with the Condor. We are at the time of Reunion and the secrets of awaking spiritual power are meant to be shared with all those of sincere heart.

The 4 Authentic 2500 yr. old Mayan Naguals sit with presence in the four directions at the Authentic Site
A close up of this extroardinary ancient
mayan art offers incredible energy

Mayan Artifacts

After a meeting of the Council of Elders, Sri & Kira were also entrusted with four 2,500 year old ceremonial Naguals, a gift never before granted to non-native people. These powerful Naguals now anchor the four directions at Terra Nostra’s Authentic Mayan Ceremonial site. Simply standing in front of one of these Mayan artifacts offers an opportunity to awaken dormant DNA and is a rare privilege.

Mayan Fire Ceremony

The Mayan Fire Ceremony is a profound indigenous healing experience that gathers the energy of the mountains, the sky, the wind, sun, water and fire into a focus for one’s sacred intention, personal healing and evolution. Honoring the traditions of the Maya, Terra Nostra fire ceremonies are personally conducted by Sri & Kira on certain holidays and by special request.

There is a ceremony and there is a burning! A ceremony is created with great care before the fire is lit!" ...Mayan Elder Don Simeon

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