Shiva Altar & Spiritual Reading Room

A sacred space for Quiet Reflection, Meditation and Communion with Spirit

The Sacred Shiva Altar and Spiritual Reading Room is a very special space located in the main complex at Terra Nostra. Along with also being Sri & Kira’s personal altar space, it is also a library housing multitudes of spiritual texts of all traditions along with a vast selection of versions of the Bhagavad Gita.

Every area of this sacred area offers
inspiration and divine connection.
An Authentic Hindu altar stands at the
entry to the Shiva Altar area.

Sacred Ceremony

Each day Sri & Kira offers Puja, (sacred ceremony), in this space prior to opening it for public use. Often simply entering the space offers a moment of repose, breath and divine connection.

If your heart is calling to expand you may want to enjoy time reading some of the extensive texts that are available and cover a wide range of spiritual beliefs.

Whether guided to be on the floor or in a chair, there is a tangible deep peace found in this area.
Many representations of Shiva are
found in this sacred area
A stunning Giant Bronze of Ma Durga
stands witness over the Shiva Altar
and Reading room
Standing in the center of the main altar is the Cosmic Eye Crystal. This extraordinary stone of profound energy and connectivity was found in Uruguay in the same field as the Piedra de Corazon!
The Heirloom Gita! Sri & Kira carried this onsite treasure back with them from India. Each page is elaborately detailed and eloquent.

As a Gita Scholar, Kira Raa offers daily connection with the truly impressive Heirloom Gita that stands majestically as part of the central Altar area. You are welcome to connect daily with the marked page that has been opened for the daily reflection for the resident community.

This area is also where Sri & Kira offer weekly Satsang, (devotional service), for resident community members. Sri Ram Kaa’s harmonium and Kira Raa’s Sitar are in this space along with a stunning collection of spiritual figures from around the globe.

In the winter months the central hearth illuminates with a roaring fire and a lovely cup of evening wine is often shared among guests and intriguing conversation.

Please note: As this space is part of Sri & Kira’s personal living area, check with staff for daily hours of operation for guests or to request a private session with Sri & Kira.

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