Mobile technology: Savior or Stress creator?

15 Sep

Mobile technology: Savior or Stress creator?

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With the daily onslaught that comes with all forms of media, at some point it begs the question:  Are you letting technology control your life?  The phenomenon of somewhat addictive and frequent texting in combination with the demands of social media interactions has created a new form of modern stress.

Today’s techno-humans are facing stresses that have not previously existed before and this energy is arising from being constantly connected.  Like it or not, one of the results of modern technology is that  few of us ever really ‘switch off’ anymore.  Technology has taken on the role of master rather than servant!

Due to the ease with which we can connect, gone are the times where we would leave our place of work and that meant we left our work behind! Work emails often flow into our mobile devices and work projects divert our minds from having and authentic experience of ‘now’.

A simple glance, regardless of where you are on the planet will reveal that everywhere you look, someone is using a mobile device.  Have you noticed how often pedestrians, car drivers and restaurant diners are texting?  Accepted within the ‘social connection’ of technology is the inherent ‘disconnection’ from the real experience.  Is this a new normal?

It is true that the mobile devices allow us to get more work done.  Yet more emails, more social contacts, more information, more projects…is not fulfillment.  It is ‘more’; but is it ‘enough’?

Living a fast-paced life, work and social preoccupations stimulate our brains and bodies as they reduce our leisure time.  True relaxation eludes most of us.  We then seek compensation for this lack of fulfillment.  We turn to things such as yoga, dancing, or perhaps athletic pursuits.  These healthy activities become coping mechanisms and rather than offering a deeper level of satisfaction,  they become mere distractions from the chronic disconnect of the modern techno-life.

Some people who live a stress-filled life tend to “work hard and play hard”.  However, in spite of their seeming recreation, their stress response gets overused. Stress tends to lead to more stress; it becomes an orientation, a default way of being. Adrenal fatigue is just one of the possible by-products of the fast paced life.

At Terra Nostra Holistic Retreat Center near Garzon, Uruguay there are no televisions. Cell phone coverage is absent.  People often feel anxious at first when they are without their mobile phone.  For most this is simply the temporary anxiety of withdrawal from a habit.  Yet within a few hours at Terra Nostra their senses are filled with the beauty of rolling hills, flowers and eucalyptus groves.  The moment of anxiety dissipates and the peace begins.

Internet is available at Terra Nostra and visitors can stay safely connected with their loved ones.  However to put the phone down and enjoy authentic soul nourishment is an opportunity to remember your essential humanness!

Taking a day or two off from the patterned stress of our routine, offers one an opportunity to discover something more authentic.  The essence of holistic living is the integration of body, mind and spirit.  Only by relaxing into the flow of a balanced experience can one discover their ‘peace-filled center’.

A personal retreat, a vacation from stress, can offer us renewed personal clarity. Why not invite your techno-life to relax as you fill up your peace-filled life?

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