Meditation Areas & Trails

Peeling away the residue of modern life requires that we take conscious action! Your action could be to sit still and reflect, write or meditate. The action could be to exercise the body and rediscover vitality. All are valid choices! At Terra Nostra we have sculpted our walking trails to accommodate all. Working with nature’s natural flow, you will delight in the gift of our many safe tranquil trails.

Walk the rolling hillsides; your pace determines your experience. Discover nature’s gift of renewal at one of the many view points. Gaze into the endless sky and green hills while listening to the birds.

The River Trail begins at the lake and will take you to a private swimming hole near the Jose Ignacio river. Sit in the shade of the trees and delight in the cool oasis. From there you can continue your journey to the sunny sandy beach along side the Jose Ignacio river.

The Temple Trail starts at the Ancient Stone temple and winds its way down the sloped hills among extraordinary rock outcroppings. The Temple trail leads to the Jose Ignacio River where a large sandy beach awaits. Lay on the sand and listen to the joyful splashes of the flowing water. Ideal for enjoying the sun, meditating, bird watching or a romantic picnic lunch!

Easily accessible for all levels of fitness is our Tranquility Pond. This lake is large enough to provide habitat for ducks and frogs, yet small enough to easily circumnavigate. Viewing benches invite you to discover the tranquility of reflected skies and gentle breezes. The playful ducks and green grasses will invite your inner child to smile and relax. Nearby is a small waterfall with a natural stone sitting area, offering easy access for a soothing meditation experience and communion with a precious resource…pure crystal clear water! Yes! Feel free to drink it.

Valley of The Rock People

Indigenous peoples around the world recognize that everything in nature carries energy. When that energy is powerful and focused, it can reflect in the feeling and the shape of a rock or a landscape. Terra Nostra is blessed to have many “Rock people” and particularly an area where they all seem to be gathered as a community.

In many traditions the Nagual is a personal spirit that guards and protects humans. These spirit guides become recognized through dreams and rituals. At Terra Nostra you will discover ancient rocks that are shaped like an animal or a bird that carry this focused energy. As you recognize the shape that nature carved into the rocks, you receive the energy of the guardian spirit through the recognition.

These Nagual rocks emanate a power unlike a common boulder.

They offer a focused healing energy and will inspire messages into the consciousness of those who ask for communion with the spirit. You will discover many Rock People near the Stone Temple and along all of our trails. A pathway from the Priestess area of the Cermonial site leads you into a Valley of Rock people and we invite you to set aside your linear mind and rediscover the gift of intuitive communion.

Maybe you are ready to ride the Lion!

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