Massage Packages

Avesa Oasis Massage Packages

There comes a moment when the Mind- Body-Spirit connection must take a front seat in your life. For those moments, our Avesa Oasis Massage and Holistic treatments are waiting for you to create your custom Rejuvenation experience.

If you are here for a day retreat, perhaps a single treatment is sufficient to cap off your perfect day at Terra Nostra. Or, consider a 2-hour combination of treatments to help you achieve your state of bliss.

For our onsite guests, please offer us your goals for you stay and we are happy to craft your perfect spa solution! There are some treatments do require a minimum stay of three days, so please let us know early in your journey what you would enjoy so we can accommodate you!

Whether you are seeking the perfectly nourishing Custom Personal Retreat, an Authentic Mayan Vision Quest or a full Avesa Oasis Quantum Spa healing experience, allow us to craft a package that will exceed your expectations.

Listed here is a selection of Massage offerings, (check with us upon arrival for seasonal additions), and please be sure to visit our Holistic Therapies page to explore all your treatments options.

Custom Avesa Therapeutic Intuitive Massage:

There is a gentle balance that is created between technique and intuition in the hands of a gifted therapist. All too often massages are “mechanical”, a therapist merely going through the motions of a learned sequence.

While this certainly has its value, there is far greater value from a massage that is able to flow with your needs and the “call from your body”. Prior to beginning your massage, your therapist will ask questions to assure your massage needs are met. Whether you are experiencing a tight neck and shoulders from the stress of day to day living, or a tired lower back and legs, your custom message will leave you refreshed and relaxed.

Through our vast experience with therapeutic massage, we believe that 60 minutes is just not enough time to properly benefit from the treatments.

Our standard massage is approximately 75 minutes. $88


Beyond mechanical techniques and more powerful than Reiki, the science of Avesa offers profound healing benefits. Discover how Avesa Quantum Energy can stimulate deep peace and improved health. Your Avesa Balancing Session includes the Egyptian Healing Rods and pyramid energy. Avesa offers centered relaxation, enhancement of all chakras, stress reduction and the opportunity to fully activate the Law of Attraction to call miracles into your life.

This treatment is approximately 50 minutes: $60

Nourishing Avesa Foot Reflexology Session w/Rosemary/Lavender salt scrub

Spending the day walking the trails of Terra Nostra and exploring the vast energy spots onsite can leave the calves and feet tired and seeking attention!  There is also the time honored recognition that all true healing begins at the feet!  Our feet carry us through this life and are our means of “support” for the body!

Allowing our feet to be attended to through the ancient science of reflexology opens the meridians of the body to invite greater flow of energy and harmony.  Through the use of applied pressure at specific points in combination with massage of the lower legs one immediately feels a deep sense of restorative balance and deep relaxation.

Our Avesa session also includes a 20-minute treatment that includes an indulgent soak and light scrub of the feet to prepare them for the reflexology portion where only organic calendula cream is applied during the treatment leaving your feet feeling fresh and restored.

This treatment is approximately 50 minutes:  $55

Avesa Foot Reflexology Session

Enjoy all of the benefits of the reflexology session described above in shorter time and without the enhancement of the soak and scrub.

This treatment is approximately 30 minutes:  $35

Avesa signature organic Rosemary/Lavender foot treat!

Before you go or when you first arrive, indulge in this 20 minute treatment that includes an indulgent soak and light scrub of the feet using only organic Rosemary, Lavender and Himalayan Pink Crystal salt!  After a comforting soak and light scrub your therapist will massage organic calendula cream onto your lower legs and feet for softness and healing.

This treatment is approximately 20 minutes:  $25

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