José Ignacio Beach

Terra Nostra is officially part of José Ignacio although we are inland from the beach areas. While staying at Terra Nostra we are happy to arrange for a private visit to José Ignacio and suggest a day tour and dining experience.

A must see, the Jose Ignacio Lighthouse

The José Ignacio Lighthouse stands as an impressive structure and is easily seen all over town.  A “local” vodka boasts its name.   While visiting, take the time to voyage to the top as you gain a beautiful 360 degree perspective on the stunning surroundings.

The tranquil beauty and vast beaches invite your Bohemian nature to come forward!

Relaxed and Bohemian, you will discover that virtually anything goes when it comes to having a good time and during the “off season”, the breathtaking open beaches and constancy of the waves is captivating as it takes you to another world.

To arrange for your tour please ask and we will create a day based upon your needs!

You can learn more about José Ignacio by clicking the link for a great New York Times Article: Chic but not Famous: A village named José

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