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Avesa Oasis Quantum Holistic Experiences

Many people ask: what is energy healing? How does that differ from Holistic Healing? And is there really such a thing as Quantum Healing?

These are wonderful questions as they indicate that your mind is awaking to new possibilities! Traditional Allopathic medicine offers a linear approach to problem solving and usually employs pharmaceutical drugs for treatment. Allopathic medicine is based upon the resolution of symptoms. Resolving symptoms, can help us feel better in the near term, but often traditional medicine often misses the true cause of the illness.

For example, traditional medical professionals all acknowledge that stress causes many physical ailments. Yet, stress itself is subjective. What is stressful to one person is not troubling to another person! Holistic medicine recognizes that the client’s entire life, including body, mind and emotions all intersect into a state of wellness or disease. Therefore Holistic medicine offers a more comprehensive, humanistic approach. However, do not to discard allopathic medicine! It is important to integrate allopathic diagnosis and treatments into consideration in forming a holistic solution.

Holistic approaches respect the entire life and psychological orientation of the client. Quantum Healing is a refinement of Holistic Healing.

Quantum Healing recognizes that EVERYTHING is energy, and that energy can be influenced by consciousness.

The quantum healing approach looks at resonant fields of energy, the human aura and the changes that can result from application of energy and changing thought patterns. Energy Healing is a form of Quantum Medicine. This includes Reiki, a generalized from of energy healing and Avesa Quantum Healing, a focused form of intensive energy application for health and well-being. Quantum Healing succeeds well beyond the boundaries of materialistic thinking.

As mankind evolves, the power of homeopathic methods, flower essences and quantum healing are all natural progressions. Albert Einstein is often quoted as stating: “Problems can not be resolved from the same level of consciousness that created the problem” This statement recognizes that consciousness affects energy and energy affects matter.

Sri & Kira have decades of experience with providing and teaching holistic healing methodologies. They have pioneered the advancement of quantum healing and have supported many clients in the recovery from ‘worldly afflictions using the gentle power of quantum healing. The selection of therapies available at Terra Nostra Retreat is unparalleled in all of South America making it a destination for the full Quantum Experience!

Advanced Quantum Therapies

Quantum Analysis:

The Quantum Analysis is a highly advance, non-invasive “medical” scan of the entire body. This analysis generates a lengthy and extensive report on all body systems, organs, state of health, vitamins and more.

Guests often experience dramatic shifts in their reports in just days and upon request we will happily tailor activities and supplementation as suggested by the initial analysis. After your analysis you will receive complete details from your technician and a PDF will be created emailed to you.

Day Spa guests single analysis: $20
Overnight Retreat guests Quantum Analysis package: arrival/check-out: $30

Bliss Machine Treatment

A unique non-invasive process based upon the work of Nikolai Tesla. While working in his lab in an “electric environment” he noticed that he no longer was sick, his immunity was enhanced and his body vitalized. This powerful technology is simple, (just sit in the field), however after a treatment your body responds as if you had just had 60 minutes of exercise. Restore your balance as this high potential energy device shifts the body’s fluids from an acidic state to an alkaline. Improving the natural healing function of the body.
Benefits are greatly improved with a series of treatments and feel free to enjoy a treatment every day.

For spa/retreat guests:

1 — 30 minute session: $10
2 — 30 minute sessions : $18.00
3 — 30 minutes sessions: $ 25.00

Avesa Energy Balancing Session

Avesa Quantum Healing offers anyone the opportunity to truly integrate and release all barriers aiding in the healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. This extraordinarily effective session utilizes several unique energy processes and sound therapies and is performed on a massage table with the participant fully clothed. You will notice the results of restoring harmony immediately and delight at the long lasting effects. Daily sessions are a wonderful treat!

1 — 30 minute session: $20
2 — 30 minute sessions : $35.00
3 — 30 minutes sessions: $ 50.00

Egyptian Healing Rods Therapy

The healing rods of the Pharoahs of ancient times stimulate your natural healing and psychic abilities by enhancing Chi. Originating from ancient Egypt, they were rediscovered through re-covered texts. These Quartz filled rods are created in strict accordance with the original specifications from these texts and assist you to quickly reduce stress, increase clarity, and deepen meditations. Extensive scientific research in Russia demonstrates:
Enhanced Immune Function

Balancing of Yin/Yang

Strengthening of the Bio-field

Increase in Vitality

Relief from many symptoms

Kirilian Studies show verified auric healing in just one session!

Choose from 4 different guided rods meditations or enjoy them without the guided meditations included in the session cost. Please ask your therapist for suggestions. Guided meditations available in both English and Spanish.

1 — 20 minute session: $8
3 — 20 minute sessions : $20.00

Infrared Jade Therapy Chiropractic Bed

Combining different treatment principles of the oriental and western medicine:

Acupressure – Acupuncture – Deep infrared heat therapy – Chiropractic – Massage – Ion Therapy provide chiropractic benefits such as relief from problems of the backbone, spine, muscular spasms and correction of vertebra alignment. These benefits are possible because the massage restores optimum blood flow, flushes out toxins, and soothes joints from within.

Far Infrared heat restores blood circulation and lends detoxifying effects. So, spend some time on it to relax and experience all your stress flow away. Besides, the infusion of pure oxygen ions into your system promotes cell regeneration. The tissues in your body are strengthened. Aging process retards. The cumulative effect of all these benefits is highly relaxing for your mind and body.

1—30 minute session: $15.00

Discover the Healing power of Far Infrared Heat combined with
Rolling Massage

R.I.F.E. Digital Machine treatments for Clients staying longer than three days.

The R.I.F.E. machine was introduced in the early 1930s by Royal Raymond R.I.F.E. With the R.I.F.E. Digital machine, each microorganism (be it a fungi, bacteria, virus, parasite, amoeba, mold, etc) has a unique and specific frequency (or vibrational rate).

The Law of Resonance, (which is also the basis of Homeopathy), states that when you add MORE OF THE SAME frequency to a microorganism, it cannot tolerate it and it bursts or dies and this can actually be viewed under a microscope.

The R.I.F.E. machine is programmed with the specific frequencies associated with your specific disease condition or health benefit desired. The specific frequencies are then delivered into the physical body via foot- or hand-straps. (There is a silver conductive button inside these straps.)

The specific unwanted microorganisms within the body are targeted by this very precise frequency set of ten frequencies. As the specific frequencies pass into the body, the undesirable microorganisms are unable to survive more of their same frequency.

This is a very easy, painless and well-tolerated therapy.

1—90 minute session: $55.00, discounted multi session packages available

Series of Detoxifying Ion Foot Baths and Infrared Bamboo Treatments

Healing begins at the feet! Negative ions are pumped into the water of this foot bath to help enable the body’s natural detoxification process.

Allow yourself a deeper sense of cleansing through this ancient and powerful treatment. You will actually see what is releasing while comforting the internal organs and sinking into the peaceful setting of Terra Nostra Retreat. You will receive your personalized treatment sheet for in-depth application of the results. Sessions need to be paced a few days apart and begin day one of your retreat.

1 — 30 minute session: $25/second person same time $15
2 — 30 minute sessions : $45.00/ second person same time $25
3 — 30 minutes sessions: $ 55.00/second person same time $35


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Quantum Clairvoyance Session

Since the early 19th century, quantum physicists have been searching for the unified field and have discovered along the way that an infinite number of alternate universes exist. Einstein acknowledged the possibilities of other “Earths” in parallel universes. Einstein’s theory further acknowledges that humans from other realities might appear to be as human beings on our Earth, only with varying levels of consciousness’s. Today’s leading scientists agree! Utilizing the Cards of Clarity and Intuitive application of Quantum energy receive the answers to your questions!

Cosmic Life Regression

“When we touch with clarity the past experiences of our cosmic soul, we integrate the jewels of each experience to fully heal our past, ignite our present, and secure our future.” ~Kira Raa

During a Cosmic Life Regression, your physical form is nourished into a deep sense of peace so that the soul body can fully release and be taken on a guided journey to the cosmic points in your soul’s lineage that have energy charges that are relevant for who you are now. This is an intimate session that will heal your deepest questions about this lifetime. A powerful gift of love for yourself!

Ascended Numerology/Vedic Astrology Session

Whether you use numerology to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm your talents or simply figure out where to go next, Ascended numerology in combination with Vedic Astrology can be a penetrating tool that helps you understand yourself and loved ones better.

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