Ascended Heart Labyrinth

Unwind your tension and release your stress!

Walking the Ascended Heart labyrinth supports the mind to slow and the body to return to a rhythmic flow. Rhythm and Flow help calm the breath and reacquaint you with authentic balance!

Unique from a traditional sitting meditation, walking the labyrinth is your opportunity to integrate mindfulness into physical action. Other labyrinths trap the walker within a puzzle or maze thereby engaging the mind. The Ascended Heart labyrinth consists of two interlocking figure-eight, (infinite), pathways that assist the mind to relax and enjoy harmonious flow. The spiral energy is endless and eternally expanding…just like your soul!

The Buddha of Compassion, Quan Yin, radiates serenity into the container of world peace and is your gateway to the Ascended Heart Labyrinth

Walking this design supports harmony between breath, movement and thoughts, thus unwinding stress and creating a spacious place for your inner Authenticity to come forward and thrive.

The center of the labyrinth features a single rare giant rose quartz, perfectly positioned within a tall pyramid. As you enter the center you will feel the vortex of high frequency crystalline energy. Continuing on the path takes you to the edge of the forest where the aroma of eucalyptus and the swaying bamboo ignite your peace-filled inner beauty. Your body wisdom will ignite with the symbology of walking into the outer world and returning again to the peaceful center. The ‘labyrinth walk’ is an endless journey of ever-deepening Authenticity.

This powerful labyrinth is a self-guided spiritual experience for you to enjoy as often as you feel called. You will be renewed in magically positive ways!

Fascinating Fun Fact!

When Sri and Kira arrived at Terra Nostra for the very first time, imagine their delight when over 200 years ago the symbol of the ascended heart had been etched into the walls of the main community building. The symbols are a sign from the Divine that this was indeed a special place.

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