About Terra Nostra

1000's of years in formation, 200+ years of history, One PERFECT Retreat!

Terra Nostra’s main community center buildings were built in 1815. With walls that measure a full meter wide and are created from solid granite/quartz, she proudly has stood through time as a testimony to mother nature!

For over 100+ years it was a hub of activity for the rural community as it was an active Almacen/Tienda. The walls of the main building still have the “signs” on them and some of the original journals are still here onsite! It is fun to imagine all the people that have come to Terra Nostra over the past 200 years and to share its rich cultural history with our guests.

Lovingly restored to its full beauty, a truly unique and creative space offers everyone a deep connection to their heart. From the moment you pass through the welcome gate, you are aware that something inside has shifted and that you have stepped into another world!


Over 50 Acres of Discovery Await you!

Years of abuse have melted away as the land has been attended to with healing love and reverence for all living creatures.

Discoveries seem to be made almost daily! Clearing a space discovers new rock formations, ceremonial sites, meditation grottos and the Rock People! Connecting with the nature formations that exist here expands your imagination and opens your heart to see things from a new perspective.

Filled with diverse natural vegetation Terra Nostra is a pharmacopeia of natural herbs that heal the body, mind and spirit. When you combine that gift with the precious resource of SPARKING CLEAN PURE WATER, one can only say THANK YOU to a universe that has allowed such beauty to exist.

At Terra Nostra you will remember what breathing sweet air free from all pollutants smells like! Your heart will sing with the natural harmonies of the birds and the release of all noise pollution. Your inner child will wonder at the endless stars each evening as you dance by a bonfire and remember your inner magic.

We invite you to open your sense of discovery and discover the miracle that is waiting for you!

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