100% Off-Grid Eco-Chic

The perfect marriage between conscience and luxury

Living 100% off-grid is far from a compromise! Beyond the high quality of our linens, food and furnishings, at Terra Nostra Retreat we understand ‘luxury’ to be the enjoyment of the best in life.

We all enjoy comfort, yet true luxury is beyond the basics, it is a perspective that relishes the experience!This can be as simple as being fully available to the experience of beauty, whether natural or man-made.

Luxury is recognizing the sweetness of life. Luxury is found in appreciating a sunset, a song, a moment of peace. It includes enjoying a cup of fabulous tea, reading a wonderful book or smelling the flowers in the gardens.

To claim a luxurious life reminds us to be mindful as we appreciate the value of everything that surrounds us. From this perspective, luxury is any experience of beauty or wonder that reminds us to love the life we’re living. Beauty is always ever present, simply waiting to be recognized; it is truly everywhere!

We invite you to discover that you can make a conscious choice to discover luxury and to enjoy it and why not begin with your retreat at Terra Nostra?

Our Solar garden is part of a state of the art solar/wind system that is stunningly efficient
Resident Resuce Lamb Sophia meandering from the Pizza Oven to the Solar Garden and past the windmill.
Two windmills capture the breezes for quiet efficiency


We believe that each person’s actions affect our planet’s well-being. Being environmentally responsible fosters a caring attitude that permeates our every endeavor. Yet, living in a sustainable fashion does not require sacrifice. It does demand that we apply mindfulness to the common needs and use the best-available technologies and natural products. Finding a balance between modern technology and the laws of nature requires some thoughtfulness.

Everything at Terra Nostra is 100% off-grid. This windmill/solar system powers the Internet from a nearby mountain!

At Terra Nostra Retreat we utilize technology to support low impact living and sustainability.

100% of our electric power results from solar panels and wind power and we use low voltage LED lighting throughout the entire facility.We also employ timers and motion sensors on external lighting.Our solar power inverters are the most efficient on the market and 12-volt LED lights are employed in many areas.

Hot water is provided using efficient ‘on demand’ water heaters offering ‘no-compromise’ hot water for the guests while providing the benefit of using less fuel. Each accommodation has a high-efficiency wood stove for heating. Our forests provide ample renewable Eucalyptus fuel for the stoves.

Terra NostraRetreat actively recycles all plastic bottles, metal tins, glass bottles, and plastic bags and we re-use these items whenever possible.Food waste is composted and returned to the gardens. Wood and metal discards are re-purposed into the garden beds or find their way into creative onsite projects.

While this geographic area of Uruguay has ample water, we practice conservation by using river water for garden irrigation, and save the deep well pure water for drinking and for guest room showers and sinks.

At Terra Nostra Retreat we care about YOU and our Environment.

Housekeeping uses non-toxic cleaning agents and laundry detergents

We dry linens in the open air for freshness

We offer high quality organic bulk soap and shower amenities instead of individual packages in your room

Recycling bins are located on site for easy access

Flexible Towel and sheet changing program (guests can tell housekeeping to leave slightly used items for an extra day or two to reduce water, soap and electrical consumption)

We serve only organic and locally-grown food

Our rooms are built so that only fresh air ventilation is needed for cooling and comfort.


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